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    Pretty much the way we do it in MMA, though we never really think about it. I'll try and structure the isolation phase a little more for the n00bs.

    The TKD class however.... I'm thinking of just making a CD full of Thorton vids and giving it to the head instructor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DokterVet
    I don't get you, Aesopian.

    If someone had asked "what's a good way to improve my escapes?" you would have locked the thread without explanation.

    But when you feel like enlightening everyone about your favourite methods for training escapes, it's a-ok.

    You've built up an environment where you can bolster your ego all you want, but where you can't be questioned. You inhibit learning in favour of politics. You and Shumagorath edit posts if they disagree with your viewpoint, keeping the forum silenced of dissenting opinions. You refuse to acknowledge other styles of grappling. You use your position of authority put down others to feed your image as grappling god.

    Good training advice or not, your behaviour is no better than that of a bullshido master. You stop just slightly short of awarding yourself a tenth degree black sash and introducing yourself to people as Sifu Aesopian.

    I tried to PM this to you instead of posting it, but your inbox is full. I guess you're really popular.
    It's not about not being quesitoned, it's about keeping stupid crap out of what is a forum for discussing Technique, and nothing else.

    You can't yell in a library; you can't **** in the park. Nobody's telling you you can't yell or ****, just that you can't do it in certain places because that's how society keeps things moving forward with the least amount of friction.

    There are multiple other sub-forums on this site where you can post just about anything you want, including why you think Aeso is a nazi ****** who roasts puppies on a bonfire of bibles and korans.

    This just isn't one of them, and for very good reasons that have been explaned ad retardum.

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    heh - "ad retardum"

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    Quote Originally Posted by theraydiator
    heh - "ad retardum"
    ha, that's verbatum the same thing I said out loud after reading it.

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