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    I thought I would introduce myself. I'm one of the seemingly hated TKD practitioners. I boxed for 3 years and have started Hapkido & weapons traing earlier this month. I stumbled upon this website and thought I would hang out here during my workday. My Dojan has some McDojo tendances I guess in the fact that I've seen people advance when I felt they weren't deserving. Although it isn't about making money with this school. $20 a month with no belt test fees.

    This is the Beta website.

    Hope to get into some spirited debates with you guys.


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    Just call me "sire" and everything will be copacetic.

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    Have you used your boxing yet to BEAT THE SNOT out of some of the black belts?

    "Do not become entranced by impractical or useless movements. Do not be categorized as one who "Learns all there is to know about less and less until he ends up learning everything there is to know about nothing." -Ed Parker
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    For the longest time I wouldn't allow myself to punch simply because there isn't any punching to the head allowed. All my instincts would be to start at the body and slip one in at there face so I never let myself get into the situation where I would break the "rules".

    I understand some of the hatred towards TKD. I myself just told this guy today to not go into TKD if he wanted something totally defensive. TaeKwonDo, at least how it's taught in the majority of schools, is a sport.

    I haven't beaten a black belt by the rules of TKD (points)but they fear me enough to not want to get into a real fight. I have beaten a 3rd degree brown though. (one belt away from black)

    In defense of the belt system though I feel black belt doesn't make you a badass it just means you have obtained the basic knowledge and physical prowess to really start learning the system. Most people don't see it that way.


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