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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennings
    Pansy **** and smelly feet? I always wondered where all the hippies went...
    Asheville, NC

    You can smell the fuckers from a mile a way and that whole city smells like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virus
    It occured to me that when you hang on bullshido you forget that many (most?) people out there don't know about aliveness, MMA, BJJ, mixing striking with clinch and groundfighting, UFC and so on. Even fewer have ever sampled any of this type, of training. Whenever I touched on these subjects he kind of ignored it and kept talking about his taikido stuff.

    For most of recent martial arts history, kata, repetition, point sparring, tapping people and launching them across the room aikido style and more kata was the hegemony. A lot of people aren't deliberatly bullshido, they just aren't aware of the latest developments in martial arts.

    I understand this.

    I think it all comes back to what Prost said where too many people operate within the grey area's of martial arts, exploiting the ignorance of the general public. Teaching them nonesense and passing it off as realistic training.

    Alot of people, parants especially who are looking to get their children involved in martial arts do not know better. They think Bruce Lee was the greatest fighter that ever lived and that Jackie Chan is an un beatable Grand Master who could beat Mike Tyson.

    They do not have the ability to spot bullshit martial arts techniques and inneffective training methods. They cannot see why combat athletes in full contact styles are the best at what they do and that sparring is essential.

    Hopefully they will discover

    Hopefully this site will spread the word around.
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