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    Another close encounter.

    Read Darkpaladin's (love the avatar) close encounter story with interest and it reminded me of my last close encounter.

    I was checking out a new gym to join and was being shown round by one of the staff. During the general chit-chat it was brought up that I did martial arts. We were in the aerobics room which had a heavybag and he let loose a few backfists to the bag. I asked what he did and he said "tae ki do". I'd never heard of it so I assumed it was some sort of sillyness, especially as it seemed to be made up of the words "tae kwon do" and "aikido". I asked what it was and he said it was created by guys who wanted a harder form of tae kwon do. I mentioned that I had been getting into Brazilian jujitsu, and he said that jujitsu was great stuff because you can just tap someone on the back and make them fall over, which looks good on the security cameras if you happen to get caught on one. I realised that he must have believed that jujitsu was some sort of Steven Segal magic.

    He talked about some of his sparring matches and I asked what safety equipment he used, he said "nothing". I looked surprised and asked if he sparred bare knuckle and he said that they pulled thier punches inches before contact. Point sparring. We talked about other things and I mentioned that some schools of martial arts believe that you need years of kata before you can spar and he said that such is required so you have enough "control" (ie; you know how to miss a person during point sparring).

    It occured to me that when you hang on bullshido you forget that many (most?) people out there don't know about aliveness, MMA, BJJ, mixing striking with clinch and groundfighting, UFC and so on. Even fewer have ever sampled any of this type, of training. Whenever I touched on these subjects he kind of ignored it and kept talking about his taikido stuff.

    For most of recent martial arts history, kata, repetition, point sparring, tapping people and launching them across the room aikido style and more kata was the hegemony. A lot of people aren't deliberatly bullshido, they just aren't aware of the latest developments in martial arts.

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    Reminds me of my conversation with a friend who had been doing TKD for 10 years. He talked about how hard his training was, how he had to do so many push-ups, etc. And when I asked him how frequently he sparred, he said once a month. I asked him how he knew what he was learning worked, and his response was "Well the instructor told us what worked."

    Whatever happened to skepticism? I don't understand how these people, especially in your case, don't realize "Hey, there are gloves and cups and protective gear galore available today. Why don't we use those instead of pull our punches?" Why don't they bloody realize to pull a punch is not a good phrase in the English language?!

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    I know what you mean about hanging out on Bullshido too much. I still run into aikido-ka (geeks LOVE Aikido apparently) who never spar or people who don't know what Jujutsu is. It surprises me everytime.

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    Everyone wants to believe that they are hardcore. Near every action is propigated by selfishness or insecurity.

    Who wants to admit "I do pansy ****."?

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    What was bad for me was that in the area I'm in, there was the Shaolin Do place and a bunch of take-your-dough schools, so it seemed so good in comparison, but now I'm a little embittered about wasting seven years on it when I should have just buckled up and commuted to a good school (which I am doing now). The pervasiveness of Bullshido and Mcdojoism is nauseating.
    "Keep a sharp knife, shiny boots and be on time."

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Taekidokai is a martial art. It is taught in Australia and New Zealand.

    This unique martial art gives the practitioner a unified method of training, unlike any other art. It encourages discipline, confidence, respect and self defence. Taekido encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of training and is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

    Taekido is a true Martial art, it is known for itís dramatic flying and spinning kicks, holds, throws and locks. The name comes from the Korean word tae (foot), Japanese word ki (vital breath, energy), Korean and Japanese word do (way). It has evolved in the historic tradition of eastern culture. It must be understood that studied in earnest, Taekido is more than a science of tactics and self defence, it is a discipline for perfecting the spirit.

    The focus of training is simple and practical and invariably brings greater self-awareness. People of all ages and backgrounds learn to move their bodies with grace and power. In the process they resolve conflict without harm to themselves or others. Benefits from this martial art increase in proportion to time spent in mindful and rigorous practice. From this practice of "moving Zen", there comes a greater sense of well-being.

    You can learn so much about yourself when training in Taekidokai classes. You will learn a variety of techniques and skills you never thought possible and you will in time "MASTER THEM", So enjoy the rest of our website and please do not hesitate to go along to one of our classes and see for yourself, just what it is that we find so special in our club and our training.
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    just die already.
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    Best MA website ever!!!!!:

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    So.... Taekido = The Way of the Breathing Foot?

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    sounds like they have a foot fungus.

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    Perhaps they meant to use "breath" to mean inhaling deeply, as to savor a rich odor. Thus "Tae Ki Do" would translate as "The Way of Smelling Feet."

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