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    how to rip a phone book in half

    about squeezing the egg.. HE moved it off side to break it..... :)
    The arch is one of the strongest forms in architecture. The shell is in a design that maximizes strength while minimizing material, a good idea when it requires something sit on it to hatch it out!

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    Walking on eggs and not break... The arch principled...

    For example, one could obviously not stand upon just one nail without it piercing the skin. yet, if you placed many nails close together, one could stand or lay upon them without breaking the skin. The idea here is that as you increase the surface area, you decrease the pressure.

    The same could very well be applicable to your question. Just a few eggs, probably not. Yet it you placed many eggs and stood or layed upon them, they would likely not break. Now, one other issue is that of the eggs structure. it is true that an egg can take a fair amount of pressure if the force is applied as the egg is "vertical". This would also improve the "many egg" scenario as mentioned earlier.

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    If your gonna lie about teaching "Brazilian JuJitsu" you should probably start by spelling "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu" correctly. Fucktard.

    I just pray Duck Of Death never ever sees this post.

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    ... 10 a month?
    $10 a month = Planet Fitness

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