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    Ryan Bennet tragedy

    I just read that Ryan Benet of MMAweekly dies in a tragic car accident that injured his wife and kids.


    There's a fund to help them on the site

    Totally shocked and depressed

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    I was enjoying myself on my family vacation. I was bound and determined to stay away from everything this past week. I was in Massachusettes when my cousin told me about the IFL fight on TV. I came over to watch when they announced the deat of Ryan Bennett. To say I knew Ryan would be a complete lie. Yeah, I got to talk to him a few times and I was there as he conducted one interview after another but I can't say I knew the guy. I'm quite sorry I didn't. He seem to bring out the best in each fighter and he never talked down to anybody. I got to sit with him at dinner a few times but I never met his wife and kids.

    Ryan Bennett was one of the few people that was also behind the scenes lending his connections with the media help perpetuate this sport into the 21st century. He wasn't a fighter, he wasn't a promoter, but if it weren't for him things may have beeen a bit slower than they have especially here in California. Ryan Bennett's wife is currently in serious condition in the hospital and fortunately enough his kids are just fine. They'll be having a benefit cage fight where all proceeds will be given to the Bennett family. I have thrown my name into the hat, I have been retired from MMA for nearly 2 full years, but I will be fighting for free. If they accept me to the card I will be asking you guys to sponsor me. All sponsorship fees will be donated to the cause. I'll keep you all updated.


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