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    Interesting, I am neither sufi - an entirely different tradition AND philosophy, nor am I Hindu - a geological classification based upon a person being born on the Eastern side of the Indus River.

    jivera ‘svarupa’ haya——krishnera ‘nitya-dasa’

    "It is the living entity’s constitutional position to be an eternal servant of Krishna"

    That is who I am. Ultimately, that is who everyone is.
    Get over yourself bro. I don't give a rat's ass what you call your bullshit, it's all hogwash to me.

    Also, I know a few Hindu's how would probably disagree with you about your whole 'geographical classification' clause. Either way, I can't be bothered with any of you.

    Tell me, why do you hate yourself so much?

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    The best example I can think of is being a "ball hog" in basket ball. If you learn to "share the ball" on the court, it might actually help your personality off of the court as well. I had a similar thing going on in push-hands (tai chi,) where I was way too "grabby," and it was not adjusting quickly enough to keep from being shoved around. When my push hands improved, I was also a little easier to have conversation with outside of the gym (I usually have a very hard time changing subjects in a conversation.)

    I've seen similar things in Judo and kickboxing, where people stick to a single strategy that isn't working for them, until they learn how to be less narrow-minded in-the-moment, which then they become less norrow-minded outside of the gym. It's not universal, but it's something I've seen more than once. But this "sprituality" or "morality" can be found in many sports outside of martial arts.

    Speaking of the virtue of humility, something sought for in numerous various religions, I've found full-contact martial artists to be a much more "humble" lot than the low/no-contact martial artists. (I think this has something to do with a realistic undertanding of where the full contact martial artist stands in relation to other fighters, less insecurities and more actual abilities.)

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    When I roll with a higher rank I pray to God I don't get my ass handed to me too badly.

    Number of bottles of beer downed by me and my girlfriend within a half hour while playing the Channel 7 "how many times will they say 'snow' game" during the "Blizzard of '06": 3.5 each.

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