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    I overheard an argument the other day.
    Two people were talking about wether or not Jujitsu was MMA or not.
    I'm pretty sure they talked about JJJ and not BJJ.

    I suppose in my oppinion it is up to the instructor. Where I train Jujitsu, we crosstrain boxing, some Karate, some wrestling, some Judo and then of course JJJ.
    Oh yeah, we have 2 Kyusho Jitsut trainers too. Most of it is mumbo-jumbo, but it sure hurts like hell, and I have found that some pressure points and joint manipulation can help you down on the floor.

    Anyway, suppose I sidestepped there a bit.
    The question is.
    What do you concider MMA?
    Would JJJ be MMA?
    Is it all up to how you train?

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    It's how you train, and really MMA only refers to a sport, not an art.

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    "What do you concider MMA?
    Would JJJ be MMA?
    Is it all up to how you train?"

    MMA is the sport of MMA, a subset of vale tudo.

    you could say you are a MMA fighter if you fight amateur or pro level in MMA events.

    but there's no such thing as the "MMA art"


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    I consider MMA, for lack of a better word...crosstraining
    I say that I crosstrain (MT, box, jj/BJJ, Escrima/Kali) but I believe if I got out there & competed in tournies, they would say I was MMA.
    Just what the name implies MIXED MARTIAL ARTS

    I worked with Dillman & his people a few times. Some of the so called best pressure point Karate people....I do use joint manipulations occasionally, however I didn't find the pressure points as useful at full speed against a trained opponent. When I asked Lake, Dillmans number one sidekick about "realistic" use, I was given the run around.
    When ever they use these moves, it's standing facing their training partner, not moving...I'm sure you get good enough you can do this at real speed, but I'm not that good....I have had some guys try that **** on me while we rolled, I can normally knock their hands away from me..

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    JJJ is THEORETICALLY the most complete art. It has ALWAYS included Striking, Grappling, Throwing, and Weapons. I dont think it would me 'MIXED' martial arts because that term is a sportive contest. It also means 'mixing' martial arts, either for your own pesonal training or mixing different arts together in a ring.

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