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    Damn, I thought there was a few seconds of real sparring in there but I went back to look and it was a demo too.

    Meh, some kung fu/karate/tkd dudes can make up for their horrible training methods for being in shape like that. I know a few that are like that. Imho that's good for them but what's sad is when people who AREN'T in shape like that and don't have the motivation to get remotely close to his or her shape decide to train like them and/or under them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elipson
    A demo is just a demo. Don't read to much into it. For all we know, this guy could kill most members on the board. Or, he could get rocked by any amatuer boxer or BJJ blue belt. A simple demo doesn't give you enough info to congragulate or condemn this guy.
    That is what I was thinking. This appears to me to be a demo for getting movie and tv work. Why would anyone assume anymore than that? If I was casting stunt fighters, I would hire him.

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