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    Interestingly enough, when I was there, one of his senior students was kicked out for allegedly "being a druggie", though I never heard his side of it. I thought it was weird if that was true, as I used to turn up blazed out of my mind on pot most the time :/. To be fair, it was affordable ($10 a lesson) so i stayed around for a bit, and most martial arts can be construed as "pyramid scams", particularly traditional ones. Anyone who has done their homework into the X-kans will find a lot of their claims to be questionable too. I have heard a lot of rumours about KHNS over the years, but without being able to question the people who originated the stories, or verify anything beyond rumours, it becomes a little hard to judge. The bottom line though, I was kind of "forced" into teaching, even though I said many times I didn't want to, (its one thing if you are only fooling yourself) so that is the main reason I left.

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    Kev's formal training in Kyu Shin Ryu began in a dojo outside the Yokohama naval base, under the tutorage of Sensei Noda. After Kevin left the Navy in 1973, he travelled to Kyushu. During his stay on the island, he underwent extensive testing, which was administered by Grand Master Seito and Master Tononaga. It covered overall proficiency in Kyu Shin Ryu and Kobujutsu (ninja weaponry). Upon completion of the 3 day trial, Kevin was awarded 1st Dan, a teaching certificate and promoted to the office of President of Kyu Shin Ryu in Australia.
    This is probably a reference to Seiko Fujita ( not Seito ). Problem is he died in 1965. In any event it would have been Shito Ryu or Nanban Satoryu Kenpo. Seiko Fujita never passed on his ninjutsu techniques, according to researchers. In any event, this "bio" has numerous other problems with it ( "Tuson" instead of "Tucson"), that it can be safely called into question.

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    Kevin Hawthorne Ninja Schools offers a self defense and martial art classes in Melbourne, and Perth. They teaches all ages, children and adults. From this you will learn many aspects of unarmed combat and self defense including such as Escapes,Anti Bullying Techniques, Kicks, Punches, Strikes, and Blocks.

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    There are still a great number of kevin hawthorne schools operating around Australia according to the khninja website

    [email protected] is the contact email for the organization. It isn't clear whether or not hawthorn still operates as the head of any of the schools. Nor are there any bios or teaching credentials on the site. Its looks more like a database, doesnt really have anything more than a basic description of what "unarmed combat" is.

    Taken Directly from the site, this is the best description of what a prospective student might learn:

    What you learn

    When studying Ninjutsu you will learn many aspects of unarmed combat and self defense including:

    • Escapes
    • Anti Bullying Techniques
    • Home Invasion Survival Techniques
    • Throws & Takedowns
    • Sweeps
    • Break Falls

    • Kicks
    • Punches
    • Strikes
    • Blocks
    • Locks
    • Holds

    As well as ground defense and grappling, students will also learn single and multiple person attacker sparring, with and without a weapon. Ninjutsu is a traditional style martial art incorporating modern day applications."

    This looks like a big group of larpers to me, but there isn't enough info on the site to even determine who teaches in what location, and the only contact info is that email and some phone numbers to "talk directly to an instructor".

    IMHO it looks like a ninja summer camp. The whole site seems to market to "real life ninjazorz".

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    I trained With KH Ginger Schools in The 80's with Peter Popovski. What character he was. Loose cannon. Is he still around? The school was a joke. But we were just kids running around the streets in the dark and through people's houses and on roof tops with home made Ninja stars in black suits after watching American Ninja? Lots of fun when you are 15 though.
    Had enough when they started pitting us against each other. Just got too dangerous.

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    My 1st post albeit stirring dry mud

    Ok I just have to bring up the past. He is still lurking this Kevin Hawthorne and his Ninja.
    That's a sad statement on all his poor members. Me first, I was one of his "top" instructors I wore a black belt but was graded to 1st kyu with him. I was with his group for a little over 3 years and yes the TMNT craze was a great source of his initial popularity and wealth. Especially since in those days Ninja weaponry of all types was readily obtainable in Melbourne and sold off at profit. I ran a club in the city center for about 2 years probably his largest membership was there I would say I had approximately 80 members in total and a full gymnastics gym at my disposal. My students were never short of new and wonderful tricks to learn in full safety. I also had a couple of gynasts as members. So the children always had fun. My association with his organisiation is not one of my most favoured memories and he or Phantom Walker is reading this they will know who I am. I had a strong Judo and Karate & Wing Chun background and the ability to learn other arts as I wanted.

    Kevin was a nice enough guy to me most of the time but he had his bully boys to keep anyone in line one being Phantom Walker another being P.P. and of course he had another called superman that was just dumb enough to do their bidding unquestionably and a few other less significants P.W. has posted here. He was Kevin's right hand bullshido man. I organised all the camps for the organisation I remember one camp in particular where PW was telling the children at the fireplace one evening he was trained in Ninjutsu in Japan when he was 5 y.o. ?! I actually brought him undone on that one as I couldn't stand the kiddies being lied to like that! He did try and make me pay for it in his usual petty fashion. I won't say how female members were treated but I can assure you many a young girl was abused by them in the guise of it being apart of the ninja acceptance rituals? I don't believe P.W. was innocent and unknowing he did to much bad and enjoyed the pettiness of it. As for the two guys that went to Sydney they were all but forced to go up there because no one else had the testicles to do it themselves. They were both good men. The poster didn't mention that on the drive back from sydney with no money that wasn't promised KH & Co. one of them was crushed to death in his car whilst sleeping in a truck bay. The kindest thing PW & KH could say laughingly was tht the semi that ran over his little car had Ninja number plates and that the guys should have stayed up there and kept the club going. How it worked in those Ninja days was young teenage boys enamored by the Black mystery of Ninjustsu would come and join. It was all made very serious and mysterious. Certain boys would be offered a blackbelt to open a club then they would be pressured into obtaining new members and fees and pay for the halls etc themselves. If they kicked up a fuss or couldn't handle it PW or SMan would be sent in to scare them or they would be brought into the HQ to face the Grandmaster in front of his desk a bit like a military inquiry. Then they would be chastised threatened and either kicked out or sent scared back to do what they wanted them to do in fear.

    Then my day came, PW walzted into my city club demanding I leave and see the Big Boss he stated in front of my students how disrespectful I had been to him and the organisation he was just eaten with jealousy over my club doing so well as I was up front about the Ninja thing and basically had my students doing the equivalent of an mixed style. that gave them the tools they needed to protect themselves and develop good martial respect for each other.

    I refused his invitation or order he wasn't happy about that and mumbled some threats as to how I would pay later. I didn't go then but did later, and it was the same thing, a semi lit room Kevin at the desk in the middle and PW flanking me on the side. I was given the what's going on crap I denied any disrespect to the organisation other than telling the truth PW rapped on more B.S. to which KH believed then the finger bouncing one the desk started with this is what you are going to do crap give the club to PW blah blah. I stopped KH mid speech told him I was not one of the teenagers he could usually stand over (to which he denied doing) he wasn't going to stick his thumb on my head and make me do his bidding. So I left. closed down my clubs to spite them (I also had smaller ones in Syndal & Epping) told my students the truth and that it was their choice what they do. After that KW phoned my employer and told him I had stolen money from them amongst other things and that they should cease my employ. They slashed all the tyres on my car outside of another dojo I was training at they even came into the Dojo one night and pranced around like some cheap chopsuey characters trying to prove their invincibility? They were lucky they were let do what they did that night. But anyway they did their best to sink me and my rep all over the place. Other than that we got on fine. :) Mr Walker had the potential to be so much more than he was but I guess like many the power and perceived prestige got the better of him at a young age. I worked at the same security company later that KH worked at he had a bad reputation as a bully and big mouth but mainly used it on the geriatric guards. But there training was hard and at times brutal to the point of sadism which can be attributed to the personalities of the top guys being allowed to do as they wish under the guise of hard training.
    I don't know what they are like now, I know PW got into a big court battle with KH over money and rights. The Army might have been the best thing for PW? Hopefully he has grown a little and he is no longer a student of idiocy. Oh if he reads this, I still haven't forgotten you nor my great Bruce Lee collection you stole.
    Some things a man can't forgive! :]

    But wait there's more! Enough said though.

    Apologies for bringing it all (well not it all) up. But it has been eating at me to voice that for many years hopefully it will act as warning to others.

    To the guys calling me a Dirty Lurker.


    "How Very Dare YOU"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpast View Post
    To the guys calling me a Dirty Lurker.
    I won't call names at all; it was probably a little better with more lurking and less posting. I will point out that a). This thread was dead. b). Ninjas do not exist. c). This thread was much ado about nothing in the first place.

    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.

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    I found his contribution interesting though its at the he said, he said stage.

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    mate i think i know you are you the one they called debbie. by the way 1st kyu is a brown belt.i know those guys phantom walker and p.p. but not superman, i think you mean supermax . they called him that because he done time in jail for doing a hit on his first wife. this guy is still teaching with big kev in bendigo his real name is darren and he is a loose cannon, three weeks ago he put four men from a bar in hospital and they did not know each other.he is a mean boy even big kev shits himself. i remember when you stood up to him he needed phantom and supermax to be their in case you hit him mate he **** himself that time. sorry to say this mate but wasnt you the one they kick out for"allegedly' being a rock spider playing with the 13 and 14 old boys in your city dojo that is why you close it down and left the dojo. if i am wrong sorry maybe they said that to get you. i guest you like the "kiddies" i remember the two guys who went to n.s.w. the say this darren guy supermax was driving the semi. he still tell his students what he done to your car because he hates rock spiders. i dont think phanton walker put those posts up, he said big kev never left aus, i took big kev, phanton walker and p.p. to the airport to go to japan and train. i saw p.p. passport after and i saw the japan stamp in it. did you know big kev 2nd wife was japanesse and he was married their so darren told me, he went to the wedding i know his 2nd daughter is one. anyway debbie nice hearing from you watch out for that cuy in bendigo he is a nut case.

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    by the way you supermaxs out their english is not my first language so give me a break just talking to and friend.

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