Well folks, PeedeeShaolin is at it again, and this time his spotlight is on Robert Ferguson, the "Prince of Leglocks". Coming from a background in Tae Kwon Do, there's no doubt why he's got that title.

Anyway, this follows on the news that Fergie will be fighting in the upcoming "Universal Above Ground Fighting" in Hollywood. Hey, if it's going to be a work, at least they've set it in the right location.

Here's a snippet of PD's smackdown:


Chances are if you've followed the MMA scene for a while yuo've probably heard the name "Fergie" spoken in disgusted tones. Hell,if you've been around MMA Forums long enough Im sure you've heard ME mention that name in a disgusted tone. Thats right folks, the time has come to shed a little light on "The Prince of Boolsheet" Mr. Robert Fergusen!
Fergie made his martial arts mark in the art of Tae Kwon Do. Apparently he was pretty good at it too. But hey, how hard IS it to be labeled 'Good' in TKD