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    Quote Originally Posted by Jettatore
    Guys, theres absolutely no policy information at their website, so other than just calling them out, there would be no point in posting the information and that wansn't, even in the slightest, my goal with this post (really, and you can go re-read the opener of the first post if you like, I just wanted to vent, get some sense smacked into me which is mission accomplished, thank you very much, and also to find a new gym which I so far have one seemingly decent suggestion).

    As to the question of whether or not this place is McDojo? I think that would come down to a degree of skill more than anything else. If you've studied JuJitsu for 4-5 years at a respectable establishment you would easily move to the head of the class here, that much I've gathered irreguardless of whatever policy I may have inadvertantly fallen into.

    At any rate, I'll keep you posted if the issue gets resolved. Otherwise, feel free to smack more sense into my withering skull and more importantly, I need more gym suggestions in case the solitary one I've already gotten doesn't pan out. Thanks again, and cheers, now it's time for me to enjoy my vacation and forget about this non-sense. Peace.
    Yeah, but posting the name of your school would still be useful. After all, the title of your thread implies some mcdojoism, and it would be unfair not to mention the club name and perhaps give them a chance to explain... or perhaps there are other bullshido members that know about the school....

    ... anyways... there is another type of contract that I forgot to mention pple should be aware off. That was at the last place I was before the one I'm currently going. I've mentioned it before in other threads, but I think it's worth mentioning it again to save any poor soul out there from falling for that ****...

    It's like this. You are a n00b, and you go to this place. They know their ****, and they won't teach you bullshit, that's for sure. They tell you that you can train in their blackbelt master program but for starters you begin with two classes a week, no rolling/sparring... just so that you get habituated to the training regime.

    So there you are, a happy camper paying your monthly fee getting "habituated". Then you ask, this is not so bad, I want to train more often and spar... surprise, surprise!!! You can do that by upgrading to the black belt master program by signing a 36 month contract with $300 down and $200 monthly.

    Ooops, I have no money, nor I'm willing to pay that much. So I'm stuck paying $100 for the rest of the contract receiving a meager amount of instruction. It's mostly my fault for not asking the nitty-gritty details, but then again, I was never told upfront of the total cost of training, nor that I had to pay extra so that I could sparr... and then again, I WAS A FUCKING MORON FOR NOT ASKING.

    So, for any guys out there, always, always, always ask for all details. That is, ask how much and how often you can train if you pay certain amount, is open mat included, is equipment included, **** like that...

    ... and if you ever give your credit card number or checking/banking account info, rest assure you are signing a contract, and a contract is a binding obligation that can **** up your credit score if you decide to break it unilateraly.
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    Why should anyone care about someone not smart enough to pay attention to what they sign and who they give their credit card information to?

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