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Thread: Royce Vs Hughes

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    So who wants to bet Royce will Never Fight Again unless Pride pays him 22 million to fight Fedor in a specially-designed challange match where the first person to let their ass touch the matt is the winner?
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    Isn't Royce taller than Fedor? That puts him at a disadvantage. Maybe if they had Fedor standing on a bar stool at the start of the fight.

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    the fight actually made me a bit depressed. I thought he was going to bring more of a fight. It looked like he was trying a new sport or something. He didn't look ready for such a fight. I just felt sorry for him

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    I heard he was training with Aeso before the fight to learn that move, any comfirmation?
    And that's when I figured out that tears couldn't make somebody who was dead alive again. There's another thing to learn about tears, they can't make somebody who doesn't love you any more love you again. It's the same with prayers. I wonder how much of their lives people waste crying and praying to God. If you ask me, the devil makes more sense than God does. I can at least see why people would want him around. It's good to have somebody to blame for the bad stuff they do. Maybe God's there because people get scared of all the bad stuff they do. They figure that God and the Devil are always playing this game of tug-of-war game with them. And they never know which side they're gonna wind up on. I guess that tug-of-war idea explains how sometimes, even when people try to do something good, it still turns out bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cough/Cool
    the fight actually made me a bit depressed. I thought he was going to bring more of a fight. It looked like he was trying a new sport or something. He didn't look ready for such a fight. I just felt sorry for him
    Yeah, I kinda know what you mean.

    I'm one of the "old school" people. I was a karate black belt and instructor when I watched the first UFC live. I thought (as a lot of people did back then) that grappling wasn't useful, because a good striker would knock a grappler out before he got close enough to clinch and take him down. Of course, I was wrong. I wasn't alone. Lots of people thought that back then.

    I was intrigued by UFC 1, but not convinced. It takes more than a few anecdotes to convince me. As I saw more NHB events, I did become convinced, and realized I had a huge gap in my abilities. Now I've done kickboxing, judo, BJJ, and a little bit of wrestling tossed in. Not training now, but am going to get back into training soon. I have a lot of gratitude to the Gracies and the world of MMA, for showing me what I was lacking.

    However, I realized a long time ago that BJJ is not MMA. It has been very obvious for a long time. I am not sad or upset about that. I think that is a great thing. Because it shows just how far the world of MA has come in a relatively short period of time. I like to see the rapid advancement and improvement. It is a great thing.

    I didn't expect Royce to win. I honestly didn't even care who won. I just wanted to see an exciting match.

    But, even though I can honestly say that I didn't care who won, I have to admit it was a bit sad to see him get totally dominated. He just didn't belong there. I'm not going to excuse him because of his age. He would have been dominated in his prime, too. It was a bit sad to see this legend get completely and totally owned like that. I felt kind of bad for him.

    But then, I remembered that he got paid a shitload of money for it. :icon_cool And I didn't feel so bad for him anymore. I'd get beat by Hughes on national TV for that much money, too. :toothy5:
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