BlackBrujo your right, Boxing kinda looks down on MMA. It shouldn't, I really think that not only can they co-exist, but they can feed off each other. The other sports are in a bad state also.

Baseball- Steroid scandal, small market teams near bankruptcy

Basketball- The Pistons-Pacers brawl, declining ratings (thoug LeBron James another new stars have pumped some life back into it)

Hockey- A MAJOR strike that cost an entire season to be cancelled, HORRIBLE ratings, losing their ESPN and FOX network deals.

Football- On field deaths during the pre-season, Minnesota Vikings Sex scandal, the Terrell Owens fiasco

Golf- Tiger Woods is not taking the sport serious anymore and he's its only REAL draw.

Soccer- NOBODY in America cares about Soccer. Just not our sport. David Beckham is an international MEGA star and in the US he would be mistaken for some prick at Starbucks.