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    Ooh, that wasn't a good idea.

    Thanks for the info. So calling somebody a '****' is pretty stupid. Ah well, I suppose it's like us Brits calling the Germans 'krauts'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pauli
    connotation > etymology. a name is a name, and that is all. your word logic is silly.
    **** = country. If I go into Korea and start calling everyone **** they are simply going look at me like I was insane, not because they think I am insulting them, but because they think the only Korean word I know is country.

    The connotation deals with both the giver and the receiver of the word. A good example is my wife. She is Korean, but up until the time I told her, she did not know that when someone called her a **** that they were attempting to insult her. She just thought they were stupid for a whole different reason. :) So my logic as silly as it may be is quite correct. If you go and call her a ****, she will simply ask you please find a different word to use since that one makes no since and only serves to make you look like a dumbass. She being the receiver does not see the word the same way as the giver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander108
    The term came about in the Korean war.

    **** means country or nation in Korean.

    Hangook is Korea.

    Choonggook is China.

    Migook is America.

    Thus, Americans started calling Koreans "gooks".

    It was a holdover in Vietnam.

    I mean, come on...

    All those gooks look alike anyway...

    I like Charlie

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