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    Bullsh*t fvckers that beat women piss me off

    So I just moved back to the midwest [KC] and I decided to go visit my ailing mother in SE Kansas. Tonight one of her friends was getting married so there was a little drink-a-thon at a local pub. I show up about 7PM to check on things and I haven't been there for more than 20 minutes when one of the ladies at the table starts wigging out. Apparently her soon-to-be-ex-husband just showed up and starts talking to her about how he is supposed to pick her up. Immediately I realize something is wrong...

    He is crazy drunk and she never called him. I notice the women at the table are getting nervous so I start to posture in order to get him to leave. As he walks off and orders a beer, I am told that he has been arrested for beating her on several occasions and is in violation of the law by contacting her. I tell the bartender [whom I graduated from high school with] and start to monitor his activity. Eventually the lady decides to leave and I escort them out. While in the parking lot, he tries to pull up ninja-like secretly so he can follow her home. I notice his drunken presence and walk up to his vehicle. As he pulls out to follow him, I exchange some pleasantries with him and much to my dismay, he is not afraid.

    He as beaten her on several occasions and only got a slap on the wrist. He knows I could rip his arm off and beat him with it, yet he is not afraid because of the impotence of the law. So he drives off after her.

    We contacted all of the local police in the [hopefully not vain] attempt that he gets arrested. I wish I could have beaten him down but he would probably come out of the encounter unscyathed and shot her.

    **** all the posturing. We need a fucking lynch mob for these assholes.

    [/drunken rant]

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    That sucks, man!

    Hope it turns out well.

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    Well man, you're right about the law being fucking dickless when it comes to stopping domestic violence. Especially when guys don't care whether or not they spend the weekend in jail. It doesn't stop a damn thing.

    I could share one of my personal anecdotes about a wife beater, but I'll skip the details and go straight to the long and short of it.

    Before being permanently place behind bars, this guy in OK beat his wife regularly, broke his wife's arm, shot his mother in law when she said she was going to call the police, went to jail for 2 years because he didn't seriously injure her, got out, tried to hire someone to kill his wife, got a cop informant instead, while they were waiting to get him on tape asking the guy to do it, he decided to do it himself by sabotaging her car, killed his own daughter, mother in law, maimed his son, wife unhurt, then they busted him asking to pay for the other guy to finish the job he started.

    Yeah. This is why i'm in favor of the death penalty for violent offenders. He deserves to sit in a cell miserable, waiting for the axe to fall.
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    That fucking sucks... as a cop you're limited as to what you can do. I'd have busted him for OUI. Trust me when I say that an officer's primary directive is to protect.
    My best suggestion is to meet him with strong force and make sure the cops are almost there when it happens. Discression is a good thing for everyody. The more discression police are allowed, the better the outcome.
    Find a local cop and give him the lowdown, they can be the single most influential force in preventing abuse. Trust me on this one!!! It may even save her life!!!


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