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Thread: UFC 60 Pick'em

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzs
    Let's look at some anagrams

    Royce Gracie = CAREER GO ICY. Self explanatory.

    Matt Hughes = HE HUGS MATT, meaning he will congratulate himself for a well-deserved victory.

    or is it HUGS THE MAT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo Grande
    No striking or cagein ADCC. Increases the variables.

    I could see Gonzaga losing due to strikes or a judging system he isn't used to, but a first-round submission against an Abu Dhabi veteren who's already beaten you there is a lofty goal. Especially given their similar experience in MMA.

    And come on, Gabriel has actually beaten a guy named Charlie Brown!

    How can you bet against that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9
    Everybody is picking Guillard.

    Based on what I wonder? His incredible mouth? His stellar record of losing his last 2 fights or his win record?

    Rick Davis has been training at LVCC, Cobra Kai, and Xyience Center for this fight. I think he will be ready. Win or lose he is genuinely a nice guy and a helluva nice guy. No matter what he will always be a better person that Melvin.
    I made ny pick based on a comparison of the 2 fighters experience. Guillard has 25+ fights and 2 previous UFC fights while Davis has only 4 fights total and hasnt fought since 2004.

    And why will he be a "better" person than Melvin?

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    I hope Hughes taps Gracie out, just to show him he can do it.

    **** yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega
    Matt Hughes Vs. Royce Gracie -Hughes although I'll be rooting for Gracie

    Alessio Sakara Vs. Dean Lister - Sakara by decision.

    Brandon Vera Vs. Assuerio Silva - Vera via late, 3rd round TKO/Ref Stoppage.
    Mike Swick Vs. Joe Riggs - Swick 3rd Rd Decision
    Diego Sanchez Vs. John Alessio - Alessio Decision


    Melvin Guillard Vs. Rick Davis - Davis Decision
    Spencer Fisher Vs. Matt Wiman - Fisher by 1st rd KO.
    Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Fabiano Scherner - Scherned by Round 1 Submission
    Jeremy Horn Vs. Chael Sonnen - Horn Decision
    I will be rooting for Royce too (I train at a Royce school) but in my heart Hughes is going to win.

    My othe picks:
    Vera, Thats the TRUTH!
    Swick, but I want Riggs to win
    Alessio, He has taken down some bignames in MMA, Sanchez hasn't. This would be a good win for Sanchez but I don't see it happening.
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    Will be rooting for Royce plus I got $50 bones riding on him online just because the odds are good. Doubt he will win though. However the payout on Hughes is Shite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kengou
    Hughes by a boring lay-and-prey decision. Maybe a 20-30% chance of Royce submitting Hughes though, I think it could happen (watch Hughes' fight with Newton if you don't agree).

    Lister by submission round 2 I guess.

    Vera vs Silva? Tough call. I'd say Vera by anything (he's well-rounded) but I haven't seen enough of Silva to know what his skillset includes. His guard-pulling against Silvia leads me to assume he has good ground skills, and his striking looked pretty clean in that fight too. I'm predicting a good fight at least.

    Swick beats Riggs in round 1 by something. GnP or KO.

    Diego by GnP round 1.

    Melvin Guillard Vs. Rick Davis - don't know Rick Davis. Guillard ftw if he learned enough submission defense.
    Spencer Fisher Vs. Matt Wiman - Fisher I guess, probably decision.
    Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Fabiano Scherner - I don't know either fighter.
    Jeremy Horn Vs. Chael Sonnen - Horn by about 100 fights.
    Well I called all the right winners, just not the proper method of victory. On another forum I called Gonzaga ftw also, so I'm counting that too.

    Great night of fights by the way, that Sanchez Allessia ending round was insane. And concerning Hughes and Royce, can anyone say "OWNED"?

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    I can't believe so many of you chose Scherner over Napao. I called every fight right except Vera vs Silva. Well, atleast the winners, not the finish.

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    I guessed 4 methods correctly, but I only predicted 6 seriously.

    Got every winner right, though.

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