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    Blame the WWF and the WWF-like promotion used by American MMA orgs. I'm willing to bet money that many of the people who boo the newaza are the ones who personally hope for Randy Couture to hit Tito Ortiz with a Stone Cold Stunner and for Chuck Liddell wearing a lucha mask to come in and hit him with a folding chair. I mean, look at Japanese puroresu compared to American prorassle. Lot less ****-talking and posturing, more actual grappling skill displayed in the ring, fewer yobbos in the audience. Same thing seems to apply to MMA.

    Ya know, if you put a roof on the octagon, you could have some pretty fun fights with people climbing onto it and getting thrown off, Foley/Undertaker-style.

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    New MMA fans?

    Hasn't this(booing when grappling, people thinking they know it all, people buying into hype) been going on since it started?

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    It was much worse when it started, actually.

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