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Don't quote me on this but I'm reasonably sure that I've been to fights in Alberta under 'Full Muay Thai' rules that had elbows without pads. I guess it comes down to how long you want to wait for the KO? Slowly as I punch you into numbness or off of a good elbow where you can still order your beer that night without slurring your words.

Nope you're not hallucinating, there have been full MT rules bouts here. Most of the ones I've seen involve elbow pads (remember the televised one where the little redhead girl from Mike Miles won the first North American women's full MT championship? Erin whats-her-name?). And I've seen at least 2 fights with Trevor Smandych (sp) where he was just laying out elbows where there was no tomorrow.

PS. We still need to hook up for a beer!