Well, I didn't know where to get some opinions from people, about my dojo, and it's cagefighting activities, so I figured I'd take it to newbietown.

Anyways, www.brassnux.com Is my sensei's MMA promotion.

His main style that he teaches is Kenpo karate. I know that Kenpo is a very broad term, so I figured I'd throw in some requrements for tests and such. To go up ranks in Kenpo (I'm taught jiu-jutsu from him, so I'm not totally sure which ranks need what) You have to go through one cage fight, demonstrate various jiu-jutsu techniques, (Positions, submissions, etc.)

But, all that aside Robert Hisamoto, is his name, and he runs Team Samurai.

Also just wondering if any of this looks like bullshido to any of you.

The site for the dojo is rather skimpy, in my opinion, but here it is, http://www.samuraifightingarts.com/news.php.

Anyways, opinions are appreciated, if any questions arise, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.