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    Quote Originally Posted by mrblackmagic
    Look folks, Michael Mann is directing the movie. FYI, he directed the show too. I don't think he would hamstring his own baby.

    he also directed and wrote the insider which sucked and his technique of driving the story with music and mood which got him by in the 80's and the original miami vice, is not so original anymore. He wouldn't hamstring it intentionally, he just doesn't have what it takes to turn crap into gold anymore his powers of alchemy have failed.

    I predict this movie will be worse than Ishtar. He is just going to piss off miami vice fans by using lame actors, and this movie won't pick up any new fans so his audience is not large to begin with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluto Blutarsky
    he also directed and wrote the insider which sucked.....
    I predict this movie will be worse than Ishtar.
    Yeah the Insider was crap, but that's a ratio of 1 bad to give or take 4 good ones. It could be worse. Joel Schumacher got more loses than the French and the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics put together then beating out Istar could be in the picture. While not getting Oscar gold outside of something technical, it will be a nice addition of escapist summer fair.

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    Miami Vice: Summer’s Biggest Bust?

    The inside word on Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice” is that it’s a dud, and a major one at that.

    The remake of the 1980s TV series cost $125 million, “and that’s what we’re admitting to,” says a source at Universal Pictures. “It’s probably more like $150 million.” That doesn’t count advertising, promotion and carting the likes of Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell around with their entourages and expensive habits.

    The only upside, according to insiders, is that “Miami Vice” doesn't use much in the way of special effects. “There are some explosions, but little ones,” says a source.

    The bigger problem, I am told, is that the movie fails to captures the flavor of the TV series or even establish a new identity. No matter what Mann’s done so far in editing, sources tell me "Miami Vice" still comes across as a good-looking empty shell of a movie.

    “Michael still has time to fix it, but not much,” says a source, noting the July 28 opening. “But he would have to pull off a miracle to make it work.”

    “Look,” concludes another source, “we just didn’t have it this time.”

    ***For Farrell, this isn’t the best of news. He’s yet to have an actual hit movie. His career is fast becoming better known for its real-life publicity—rehab, dating and fathering illegitimate children—than acting jobs. So far he’s got a stack of flops, including "The New World," "Alexander," "Ask the Dust," and "SWAT."*** Foxx, at least, has "Dreamgirls"—a throw back to his "Ray" success—coming at Christmas.

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    Bad Boys 3 is gonna rock!...oh wait, no it's not...

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