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    I in no way take it as a threat. I have actually been enjoying our exchange, as unlike my exchange with Tom you are not evasive or making veiled threats.

    I think you misunderstood my post about the 2 Hom-do classes I was at, the techniques DID NOT work on me. Tom was very arrogant and abrasive and then made excuses for the techniques not working. I have trained with people like Oyata and Dunlap who understood pressure points and acupuncture and could make their technique work.
    I have been controlled and dominated on the mat by Mehdi, Rigan and Sperry to the point I could not move. I have been in a ring with James Toney and Coban and many others who hit me at will. I have trained with Lysak and Dunlap and thought to myself if we were fighting I would be in a bodybag.. I trained with Wanner and worried he could kill without a thought .I have worked out with guys like Blauer and Quinn and respect their work and their honest in where it comes from. I have also worked out with people like Dr Gyi who is a very good Martial artist but has lied about his background, which I do not respect.

    The difference between Tom and the men above is they could make their techniques work on ME Tom could not. I would never train with Gyi again because of his dishonesty.

    Normally I would be open to working out with you as I am doubtful you could do what he could not but I do not get to NY/NJ often anymore. I do have a couple of people one on the Island and one in Jersey whose opinions I respect if you could convince one of them I would be more apt to believe I misjudged Hom-do.

    As to Tom
    The issue is that he wrote an article encouraging people to investigate the background and past history of instructors and refuses to answer questions.

    His published histories are contradictory and untrue. He sells a product with a warranty that he will testify in court as an expert witness when a lawyer gets a hold of his old testimony, published history and the truth they will find a good case for appeal because the expert perjured himself. This is fraud

    The above-mentioned Dr Gyi. Taught the secret service, was recognized and certified by the CIA and FBI and even taught the Rangers and taught on base at fort banning. He was the toast of the VFW. The truth came out and all of this suddenly disappeared.

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    Mike, I find it very hard to belive that the tech. did not work on you.My background in the arts goes back 20yrs, I don't think I am in the same class as those you mentioned like rigan,sperry or coban-but I'm no ***** either-and Tom schools me very easly..I don't think His(Toms) Background is any of your business. As far as your people on the east coast, lets hook it up
    take care Bill

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