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    Quote Originally Posted by KempoFist
    Ya know, I always wondered if groin ripping moves actually worked....I guess now I know!

    "Crazy people: Solving the mysteries of "teh deadly" martial arts techniques for over 50 years"
    Yeah, but it makes me wonder... a bipolar 40-year old woman pulls it out (no pun intended), but the too-d43dl3y-to-spar do not :icon_cry:

    Maybe she has trained nut-pulling-fu with "aliveness" :tongue3:

    ps... my left nut is still hiding in his sack. It's too fucking scared to get out after I read that news article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowey
    the nerve damage would be another thing all together, prolly going to have numb balls for the rest of his life....



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    I TOLD you it worked in t3h stre3t!!!

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