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I apologize and will take your advice. It was wrong of me to even try "defend" my martial arts. I am in Sanjuriu because I enjoy it, not because I feel a need to defend myself. If you don't enjoy you MA and do need to defend yourself, you're probably doing something wrong. I like Reale as a friend but I am not at all a fan of his management, or lack thereof, of Sanjuriu. He's about to retire, it's not my business and I am curious to see what happens when he's no longer around. Regardless of where he got the info, or BS that I have heard about him, his two books are worth studying, if you can find them. I'm about to turn 54. I get hurt enough doing this non-contact, wimpy martial arts as it is. Anyone engaged in competitive, full contact martial arts needs to be aware that there are long-term consequences.
I train Seidokaikan with a 76 year old man. What the hell do you know about the long-term consequences of something you don't do? You can never be told the difference between role-playing fighting and fighting. You have to experience it for yourself.

I did have to laugh at the samurai from Okinawa thing. I know a couple of hard-core Okinawan nationalists (they want the US AND the Japanese out of Okinawa), and even they wouldn't claim to have invented samurai. Hawaiian shirts and that turtle on the Hawaii license plate sure, but samurai would be too much.