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    Teh Street Edo Style

    I wonder what bullshido would be like if it was in the Edo Era?

    Nodachi: All you mother fuckers need to stop dissing the nodachi. No Dachi's were used in ancient battlefields of Japan. I heard stories of guys chopping Horse's Heads off with these things.

    Kenjutsu: Too bad that nodachi **** doesn't work in the street. What are you gonna do carry that heavy sword all over the city. No one is going to stampeed you dumbass. In today's world a nodachi is useless.

    Nodachi: Shutup!

    Kenjutsu: Well at least you aren't as bad as butterfly knives.

    Butterfly Knives: I'm sick of you guys dissing my style. My style comes from China and I can own you mothercfuckers.

    Kenjutsu: your **** doesn't work butterfly knives. Why don't you fight me and find out.

    Butterfly Knives. Number one fighting is illegal. Number 2 I can mathematically prove that my style works.

    Kenjutsu: Not this **** again. Why do you always revert to mathematics. When I chop somebody's head off I don't calculate how I chopped his head off I just did it.

    Naginata: You guys plain suck butterfly knives.

    Buttefly Knives:what is it with you Naginata sucks so much ass and you talk about me.

    Naginata: I practice Naginata for the chicks. Are you saying chicks suck.

    Kenjutsu: The only people who say chicks suck are those Buddhist Monks. They'd rather have sex with young boys. Perverts. They can't fight anyway. All they eat is that godamn rice so that's why they have no muscle.

    Buddhit Monk: My martial art isn't about hurting people it's about becoming one with Buddha. We don't use physical strength to beat our opponents. About harmony with your opponent if you will.

    Kenjutsu: Do young boys become one with Buddha when you have sex with them.

    Buddhist Monk: Screw you I'm going back to the monastery.

    Kenjutsu: All of you guys suck.

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    yang taichi
    It was a little bit simpler than that:

    You think my style is bullshit. Meet me at 3: 00 and bring a second.


    Tell his mother he died well.


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