Thread: I have no words

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    I have no words

    Yesterday night i watched on TV a documentary named "A Perfect Fake".

    I'm still horrified, specially for the part of the japanese people shown in the documentary (not sure if the word "people" can be used regarding these "human appearance things") who collected underage looking natural size dolls and ....

    I can't continue.

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    Well, the japanese are kinda perverts.

    I've been exposed to some of the hentai and the like and I found disturbing the violence which is always displayed in the sex scenes, I mean, it is hard to see a difference between a "rape" scene in hentai and a "normal" scene.

    This may be something cultural, I don't know.

    Also, I think that the opressive social rules in Japan just fucks people's minds and such deviations occur.

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    When it comes to Japanese eroticism and porno, what I ALWAYS find disturbing is the insistence in showing erotic/porno female actresses as underage girls in school uniform? WTF?????
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