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How does one INVENT a new style of M.A.?
Can it be done... after so many are already out there.

A student of my old teacher did this, after he left my teacher )to take over a dojo within the sytem of my teachers style), he left our org. about 2 years later, due to $$$. (WHATS NEW)

The student then went out on his own to study a few different systems {as well as more Kenpo} and then he mix them together as a system. Is this the way... the time he has been working on this was about 7 year after he left his home dojo he was a 3rd dan in 1999. How does one do it the right way ........is his it.

Thanks for your time!

You can do what ever you want. It is an art. call it what you want. The true test is, when you are dead are people still doing it and calling it the same thing.