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    Quote Originally Posted by elnyka
    What do you mean by traditional martial artists? Most of them do MT, Kickboxing, boxing and wrestling in one form or another. And BJJ is not a new invention. All those sound traditional to me :tongue3:
    I really should have qualified that statement, huh? They don't sound traditional to me! They sound like newfangled, competition arts that sully the image of truly traditional (and traditionally useless) martial arts!

    *Ahem* That is to say, when I hear the words martial and art, I do not see MT, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, BJJ, etc. Those aren't "arts," those are systems of fighting, as far as I am concerned. An art is something generally more aesthetically pleasing and generally far less useful in application. Of course, this is all my opinion. I don't think of Kickboxers as artists, for example, I think of them as fighters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNagy
    Just as a thought, but maybe alot of the TUF guys with years of BJJ experience are where they are because of it? I mean, TUF boasts pulling 16 of the best fighters in the country (only now it went international) together for its competition. It seems like less of a case of "they just happen to have studied BJJ" and more "they got in early, stuck it out, had talent for fighting, and rated highly enough because of it to warrant a spot on TUF."

    Just a thought, though. But I don't really see any traditional martial artists on the show.
    Makes sense to me.
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