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    Quote Originally Posted by peng
    I saw a guy in a Louisiana bar one time get insulted by this dude twice his size, and instead of getting all lippy about it, he bought himself and the other guy a mug of beer.

    When the other guy lifted the mug to drink, the first guy, with mug in fist, punched the other dude's mug.

    It was not pretty.

    Keep your friends close and enemies closer, I guess.

    Edit: Shortly thereafter they outlawed mugs on the strip.

    I'm hoping that little stunt earned your friend an ass beating.

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    I'm hoping that little stunt earned your friend an ass beating.
    I mean, if the situation was already defused (they where not going to fight) attacking the other guy makes your friend the agressor.

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    There's not alotta honor involved to begin with when you're just giving someone a beating, which is really the important thing.

    People saying things like "it wasn't fair", "he didn't really win", "there's no satisfaction in that" or whatever need to rethink for a minute. What's important is the kid in white proved dominance over the other kid, who could hardly defend himself and was immasculated more or less. No one gives a **** that there was a sucker punch when the fact is "he beat the **** out of that mutherfucker". Even though he will make excuses to himself and his friends, kid in black will never let that **** go and, were they to fight again, he'd still carry that baggage of inferiority.

    Always better to give a beating than a balanced fight, which isn't going to look nearly as good. I remember like almost a year ago I went over to a house party where I knew noone late with some chicks and about five drunk dudes were all wrestling with each other and I volunteered to put the hurt on. After fucking two guys up the third dude proved a better wrestler than me, so I choked him out four times in a row and then decided to get cute and **** around, which got me sidemounted for about 30 sec, in which he began to insist that he won afterwards because "you were pinned" even though I choked him out after I escaped to take his back.

    Didn't change the fact that I choked them all out and gained the hatred of a dozen people, just the fact that I was sidemounted for less than a minute by a guy I choked out five time in total bothered the hell out of me for months.

    So what the **** is wrong here anyway?

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