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    I think the same can be said for judo and in fact any martial art - the simpler the technique, the more succesful they often are.

    A technique, which should work against a resistant opponent should be easy to practice with a non-resisting training partner.
    That means if you get too confused about the 12-step set up of your technique whilst practicing, forget about using it in a fight.

    However, if you have adapted a higher skill level than more difficult techniques can become easy.

    About turning the back - well, actually, you are not supposed to do that for very long, it should only be part of a continues movement. And there are often situations in no-gi fighting when a few more throwing skills would come in handy.

    The magical place - well that's the mat, the gis, the referees.
    And the gi does allow you more grip variations which make certain throws possible.
    On the other hand - you are wearing a gi yourself, by that making yourself vulnerable, so it's an even playing field.
    Judo has it's set of rules which some people find restrictive, but the MMA tournaments which I have seen, also have their rules, even if they only stop the guys from killing each other.

    So, the interpretation of what is "better" is up to individual preference of course.

    No-gi judo videos - Neil Adams has a few no-gi techniues on his armlock and strangling videos . IMO an attempt to profit from the no-gi fashion and I doubt the usefulness for the experienced MMA fighter.
    ( I used to traiin at his club in Coventry, one of the best judo fighters on the ground ever, but shouldn't do no-gi stuff)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMA_Phil
    Judo is cool, but a lot of the throws involve turning your back on your opponent and it's just way too risky (for me, at least). Yes, there have been exceptions in MMA, but even so... I'd rather stick to higher percentage moves. IMHO if MMA has shown us anything, it's that it's better to have a few, simple, high-percentage moves than a myriad of more exotic and impressive ones. I'm not bad-mouthing Judo here, it's good for the magical place, but wrestling is better adapted to fighting (for takedowns) IMHO, and wrestling also contains all of the no-gi arm and hip throws.

    To sound a bit more pro-judo, if I couldn't take MMA then Judo is the only other thing I'd bother with since I'm not as into my striking, and wrestling has no subs.
    Ahhhhh, but that's have been proven false many times. Karo, Yoshida, and a few others have proven that Judo is pretty effective in a fight.

    The underlying strategy of Judo is different than in wrestling. Also, it seems people get so accostumed to wrestling takedowns that they don't seem to know what to do when confronted with a hip or shoulder throw - see Pe de Pano vs Keigo Kunihara in UFC 55, or Karo vs Strasser in UFC 44. Plus there is a lot of other devastating **** in Judo than hip throws ;)

    *** EDIT ***

    Quote Originally Posted by baofuhaibo
    A question is raised: Are there any free video clips on the internet of no gi throws or instructional no gi throwing videos, or even a no gi throwing video/fight clip highlighter than anyone can find?
    Meng, that's like finding the fabled unicorn. The only free instructional (sort-of) Judo clips I've found are in, they are all with gi, and they are more for demonstration only.
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    Why is there a widespread notion that Judothrows are so amazingly spectacular and complicated? There's nothing complicated about an ouchigari or a tani otoshi.
    More human than human is our motto.

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    Lies! It's magic, I tell you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fanatical
    Why is there a widespread notion that Judothrows are so amazingly spectacular and complicated? There's nothing complicated about an ouchigari or a tani otoshi.

    There is no majic or complicated set up it just takes along time to be able to rely on the skill against a resistant partner with equal or better ability. Just like it takes a long time to perfect an armbar and other such grappling techniques in BJJ.

    I think that people tend to get awestruck by the power generated by Judo throws and believe that they are complicated. Its nothing but repetition and lots of hard work that makes them work.

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    Instead of going through the leg, I prefer to treat it as a standing butterfly sweep (underhook and foot hook on the same side), throwing him more to either 4 or 8 o'clock. So far, I have found that I get bowled over much less if I boff the throw. YMMV.
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    A website with step by step no-gi clinch or no-gi grip that can easily be turned into effective judo throws would be nice.

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