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    More cage combats coming - promoter (The Halifax Daily News)

    One down and many more to go. That's the word from co-promoter Peter Martell about the future of Extreme Cage Combat mixed martial arts events following Saturday night's inaugural sold-out card at the Halifax Forum.

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    This was the first event of this kind in the region, and the first live MMA event I've got to watch. Kudos to Martell for making it all happen, including getting the municipal laws changed to allow it in the first place.

    On the one hand, I hope the attendance levels stay up. On the other hand, I hope the truly clueless knobs were discouraged enough to stay away next time. "Muh. I expected more action." (Bloodsport, maybe?) Booing whenever it was on the ground without strikes for more than 10 seconds - "They're not even fighting."

    Everybody loved the facepunches though. Who doesn't? Good times.


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