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Still Disagree. Just because massive exterminative force was not used does not make a difference to me. The threat of that force was there. And the justifications for using it were being created.

Just because the "cleansed" were willing to leave, and it was mostly beauracarcy that prevents/prevented them from returning, does not make it not ethinic cleansing.

What if people had decided en mass, that they wished to return to their homes despite the fact that they are condemed, and attempt to rebuild their community?

would violence and repression have been used to prevent this?

This sort of goes along with one of my favorite sayings:

"Fascism doesnt start in concentration camps, it ends there".

But again its a good first step for you to conceed massive racism on the part of governement industry and media during this crisis. Gives me hope that people can be reached on the issues

I'm saying that the Gretna city government was racist during the crisis, and I'd agree the reconstruction plan afterwards has probably been racist. I do not know enough about any companies other then Haliberton to call them the R word. I do not think the media was racist, after all 60 minutes did a lengthy piece on the Gretna incident.