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    Out of all of them, I suppose you could say Mifune was the most skilled, Kimura the strongest, and Gracie somewhere inbetween.

    Mifune vs Kimura, Mifune was smaller than Kimura, but conversely, Mifune busted his ass training to make up for it. Mifune had experience against bigger guys, so it'd be his skill vs. Kimura's size and strength. Of course, Kimura was good too, so I'd say there's no way to call this match definitively.

    Mifune vs. Gracie, well, from what I heard of the match, Kimura's strength wasn't the deciding factor as much as his skill (i.e., Helio was able to endure the hard throws, but got caught in multiple subs). With Mifune's skill, he might be able to get Gracie in a more decisive submission quicker than Kimura did, but with Helio's fighting spirit, there's no telling what would happen.

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    Here is a link to a longer version to the match, it is 1min 51 sec long:

    It clearly shows Helio getting dominated by Kimura.

    >Hehe, it's funny on the Gracie in Action video Rorion is talking about how Helio lost to Kimura and 2 mins later he's saying "GJJ has never been defeated!".

    There used to be a reveiw of the fight on the Gracie website. But it they made it sound like Helio put up a great fight and was close to submitting Kimura but it tape shows a VERY different story. I think the review changed when the video started getting circulated.

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    In my opinion Kimura could absolutely defeat Mifune. Kimura trained incredibly hard by any standards and was able to think outside the box and be inventive with his training and was also a genetic freak. I believe he had the skill to stand his ground against Mifune but when you combine that with his great strength i could definitely see him winning.

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    Nice. Necro'd a 7-year dead thread.

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    The below link is an excerpt from "My Judo" by Masahiko Kimura. About halfway down the page, Kimura talks about his fight with Helio Gracie. It appears that the fight was a no-strike grappling match under Helio's ruleset where the only way to lose was via submission. Kimura was used to giving people concussions by throwing, but the ring they were fighting on was softer than the ones they fought on in Japan. So he just had to rework his usual strategy to finish Helio under Helio's rules and Helio's ring. I think it is obvious that BJJ has been enormously important to martial arts, but at the same time, it does help the BJJer when the floor is padded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICY View Post
    Hehe, it's funny on the Gracie in Action video Rorion is talking about how Helio lost to Kimura and 2 mins later he's saying "GJJ has never been defeated!".
    The Graice story ia that before the fight Kimura was boasting that if Helio lasted longer than 3 minutes with him he (Kimura) would consider it a loss.

    The fight lasted over 13 minutes, hence at least a "moral victory" for Helio.

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