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    "Secrets of the ninja" sucks, I found that piece of **** on the internet a couple years ago. I have to admit some parts of the book almost bordered on being "interesting", but just almost. It reminded me of a few texts on how to become a hitman I've read, which of course were inspired by ninjutsuck... What a bunch of delusional freaks.

    And speaking of which; I found this fitting:

    Many freaks like to fantasize that they are some sort of mysterious assassin-type, and will begin collecting knives, poisons, and flea-market kung-fu weapons. They will invariably own a mask and gloves (usually black), and will practice their "art" by firing off a series of high spinning kicks at imaginary opponents, or sticking novelty "throwing stars" in his bedroom walls. Their "training" may include peeking in windows and killing the neighborhood cats. Sometimes, they will even purchase mail-order books about the mythical "death touch" in hopes of mastering it. If this type of freak both owns a "creeping costume" and regularly carries weapons, he would be categorized as a "ninja freak." Source

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick the Ripper
    I have read Ashida Kim's book Secrets of the Ninja. While it is a very well written and interesting book on ninjitsu and far removed from Bullshiddo,
    And tell us, is Ashida Kim's book better or worse then JP's?
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    Sexually assaulting underage girls is the true path of the Ninja.

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