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    Probably best headgear for MMA style sparring,

    Cliff Kleen Face Guard with Chin Strap assembly Model # FG3. Designed to be used in conjunction with wrestling style ear/hear guard.

    Perfectly legal for use in amateur wrestling competitions if the wreslter has a documented history of a facial injury.

    NOT designed for full contact intentional strikes to the face, but will take the edge off and still let you grapple.

    Check it out at

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    On the subject of best headgear for mma sparring...

    I tried on this headgear at Bushido MA supply near where I live and I liked it. Its the first headgear on this page: r

    I felt that the mobility at the neck was good and it has great ear/face/head protection. If you are like me and don't intend to compete professionally in mma but enjoy sparring, this is probably worth looking into. I haven't bought mine yet (just dropped $60 on some wrestling shoes I needed), but will soon because I don't overly enjoy getting beaned on the nose by some of my sparring partners that have a real hard straight jab! :-D

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