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    I used to read the philosophy books, but now I tend to stick to the technique books. The more pictures and detail close-ups, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkpaladin
    I used to read the philosophy books, but now I tend to stick to the technique books. The more pictures and detail close-ups, the better.
    I generally don't find complicated philosphical treatises to be useful to martial arts. There are a few articles that I find to be interesting (Thorton's views on "Aliveness"*), but I'm not sure they've directly impacted my martial arts training. The way I train (which, simplified, is "Train with a plan and be an active learner") is something you can teach anyone, but in my experience, it really isn't useful to people until they learn to separate training from winning and losing on the mats. That's not something you can teach someone. That is something that each individual has to learn to do on his own.

    I don't know if techniques books are extremely useful to me in terms of learning new techniques, but they're a nice visualization supplement. Also, they get me thinking and sometimes give me new ways of setting stuff up.

    Off the topic at hand, I'll read just about anything if I consider it to be essential to being a well-read individual or if I find the book to be interesting. However, I am under no illusions that The Art of War is in any way more relevant to my BJJ training than Plato's Republic is.

    *Articles like Thorton's have always been more useful to me as a way of explaining to other people why I train what I train, or why they should think about training a different way than they currently do.
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    The closest things to a MA bible have been the following three:

    - Best Judo
    - The Secrets of Judo
    - Mastering Judo

    ... as well as...
    - "Relax into Stretch : Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension" by Pavel Tsatsouline.

    I got Musashi's "5 ring" book thing back in college, more than 10 years ago. I read half of it, and then closed it to never see it again. I keep it in my bookshelf with a whole bunch of esoteric books. They help make me look intellectual :tongue3:

    There is one book that I've found interesting, "Boxing Mastery" by Matt Hatmaker, plus I'm planning to buy 'The Secrets of Kali Ilustrisimo'... been reading bit by bit whenever I go get some coffee at B&N. I like the way it explains triangular footwork.

    Another book that I read whenever I go get coffee at B&N is "Taiho-Jutsu: Law and Order in the Age of the Samurai". Interesting book, but not interesting enough for me to buy it.

    ... oh, I'm going to sacrifice like $9 and buy Ashida Kim's "Secrets of The Ninja"... yeah, you heard that right. I tell you man, that **** is unbelievable. I want do to a compilation of his wackiest claims in that book. What can I say, I have an apetite for sad **** every once in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chushin Ryoku
    You should try Total Aikido by Gozo Shioda. An absolute technical bible of aikido, and quite useful even for those who do not study aikido. Aikido Shugyo by Gozo Shioda is also a gerat book, if you like reading stories about judoka's getting their arms broken or people getting stabbed in the face with broken beer bottles, you know, secret Yoshinkan stuff.
    I have not come across a copy of it. I will see about getting one though. Thanks for the tip.

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    Richard Kim's "The Classical Man" is an enjoyable read, not so much about techniques or philosophy just fun stories and experiences.

    What ever you do make sure you get a good heavy book. That way you can always use it to hit someone with.

    Or make the anti-knife vest

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