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    Greetings. I've got a closed guard and two underhooks, guy postures up and lifts me..


    Normally I would ask this sort of question..you know..when I'm actually training. But my bjj instructor has been sick for about a month leaving us under the instruction of a brown, but he's been out of town for a week or something so we've been under the instruction of a mma fighter who I'm not even sure has a bjj rank really, and I'm very impatient.

    So you've got underhooks and he's on his knees and your legs are still locked..Would it be a good idea to stand while keeping the hooks and try to knock him on his back, or would that be easily punished by something I have not yet encountered?

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    How the **** could you stand up in that posture? I'm assuming you're the one with the guard on.
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    If the guy lifts you, OPEN YOUR GUARD!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garbanzo Bean
    If the guy lifts you, OPEN YOUR GUARD!!!!!!!
    why would you use a closed guard anyway


    never mind I forgot I can't grapple ... carry on ...
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