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    I agree acting like a total fucking psycho really improves your chances. Seriously though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9
    I guess it is worthwhile to develop a specific subset of skills, but be sure it does not encourage people to think they can fight multiple opponents like in a Bruce Lee movie.
    Anyone can fight multiple opponents if they attack you like in a bruce lee movie, they came at him one at a time.

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    I got in a fight at a kegger a year ago. What happened? I got booted in the nose by a drunk individual over a petty arguement. So yeah i stumble back, but then take him down. Single leg. Take mount position. Pound. Thought it would work nicely didn't it? Crappler technique versus untrained drunk- pretty good dont oyu think? Not really. Along comes his friends- there goes all my grappling experiance (which is meager to begin with)

    The above situation, I got shoved off by a friend of his who emerged seemingly out of nowhere, and then kicked in the ribs. I got up and -ran-, and was chased by no less then 3 people. The one who kicked me, tried to grab me. I managed to escape his grasp by just having good control and stopping him from grabbing me- some of which i probably developed from clinching around in a gi. I broke away, and fled across the lawn, scrambled over a chain link fence. One guy chasing me got stuck on the fence (and i found out later, tore his pants), the other fell on his face coming over and couldent recover in time to chase me. The other guy chased me, and I ran like crazy and I lost him.

    My observations;

    1. Do everything you can to avoid the attack in the first place. Practice good verbal self defense. This means, dont provoke angry people who want to fight. Dissuade them by being nonconfrontational. I didn't do this and learned the hard way. Swallowing your pride really isn't that hard once you get used to it.

    2. Be aware of your surroundings. I ended up with a fractured rib because I wasn't. Could have been worse.

    3. Don't render yourself helpless in a foreign environment. Had I been drunk like them, likely i would have gotten stuck on the fence.

    2. Should something escalate, try to use your surroundings, the element of suprise, and intelligence to attempt to evade your opponents. If they are drunk, and theres more then one of them- make them test there manual dexterity, footwork skills, etc etc. Dont try to knock them out or dissuade them with pain. this just invokes anger and more damage should they actually catch you. Run them through an obstacle course if you can.

    3. Practice Running. Be in the physical condition to run. Had I stuck around, it would have been 3 versus 1, and i would have gotten my face kicked in. Had I been fat and overweight, i wouldent have outran the third, and he may have slowed me down enough for his buddies to catch up.

    All of this said... i tend to think the last thing i would ever want to do is actually fight them with martial arts. Evade any of there attempts to slow you down with what martial arts you know, then run like an ape on crack and hope they arn't as good at running.

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