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    Quote Originally Posted by bodar
    "He's more Martial LARPer now than man. Twisted and evil."
    I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cullion
    Ironmantis, when your sifu retracts his testicles into his abdomen, how do you know that's what he's done ? does he let you.. look ?
    Excellent question! In fact, we need proof in the form of video or something... hmmm, maybe not.

    *** EDIT ***

    Anyways, let's go back to my original questions that still remain unanswered.

    1. Do you spar?
    You said yes, so it would be great if you have proof. Next.

    2. Have you sparred with practitioners of other striking arts?
    3. Have you sparred with grapplers?
    4. What methodology do you use to ascertain the viciousness of your techniques?

    Let me rewrite, verbatin, what I wrote to you before: you need to answer those questions before making the claim that X or Y art is effective (or almost invincible as you said) against other arts. I'm pretty sure you will find that position a logical one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PirateJon
    There is hope! I sense good left within him!
    If I'm making weiner jokes on page one, there is no hope.

    GIVE UP!
    "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal

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    and good morning to you too supporting member
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garbanzo Bean
    If I'm making weiner jokes on page one, there is no hope.

    GIVE UP!

    Yeah.. probably, but when he thought what I wrote about how everyone here does chow gar and thought it was invinceable was serious, I felt bad for him.
    You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to information, but your responsibility stops there.

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    i would say my style does concentrate on these areas but these are not the only methods of attack
    O RLY?

    What are the other methods of attack?
    If you tell me, maybe I will reveal to you my secret mandrill strike to the choad.

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    wow, this thread really blew up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmantis
    I've been practising chow gar for about two years now, and to me compared with other styles it is very effective. In fact almost invincible I think, although previously I had only done karate and was not very keen on it and so did not progress very far. Anytime i've sparred with people from other systems i have not had to use much energy and found that their moves are telegraphed like they work for the royal mail, although in saying that it could say something about the people i've been sparring with, all of these people have been practising for at least the same amount of time, if not longer than i've been training. So I would like to know if anybody has either fought using chow gar against other systems or if from another system and has fought with a practitioner of chow gar can you tell me your views please.
    You are obviously right. Chow gar is too invicisible. I heard they actually outlawed it in Full Contact tournments. Where do you live? iI would be honor to get beat by a Chow gar student such as you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9


    hahahaha, first one was kinda humorous but this one cracked me up.

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    Am I too late to rip on this guy? Damn.

    Oh well. He looks like a moron, so he'll probably come back for more in a little while. Perhaps he'll bring his golden **** and iron balls with him.

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    I can see what the Chow gar guy is trying to say. it is an old yet effective kung fu style, when I say effective I mean the style focuses of direct head strikes and pressure point strikes. it is a free flowing form that is always on the attack, one strike after another after another...etc. the core philosophy of chow gar is "attack in my indestructible strength" constant attack. this is difficult to spar and most chow gar schools don't spar. instead they have drills, each drill will focus on one or multiple movements designed to help fine tune different attacks. students will use these combinations on a person who has hand pads or body pads on. this one-way sparring is the best and closest thing a student can get because the nature of the art is not really the kind that exchanged blows back and fourth with an opponent.

    it is difficult to gauge the viciousness of an attack without actually going out into the street and trying it on a random stranger, instead the effectiveness of an attack or movement is judged based on how it is applied in training to a pretend attacker..... and the instructor wearing training pads and focus hand pads. there is one movement called "come-nar" this is a move that teaches a student to strike the throat and using the pointer finger, thumb and middle finger to grasp at the windpipe of the opponent. it is practices in the air as a movement then on a dummy wich is hung from a frame. then it is practiced on an instructor wearing pads. only the student does not grab the instructors throat... he instead places his hand on the instructors throat to simulate the actual move.

    chow gar has a long history and most practitioners are quite vicious in a fight. dirty tactics like palm strikes to the nose solar plexus and temple, eye gauging and throat grabs, strikes to vital points like ribs and pressure point strikes like wrist, elbow and knees.... etc chow gar can be quite horrible to face. but no there is no way possible to spar this in the same way muay thai or karate is sparred.

    there are many videos: I don't know yet how to hyperlink them to this forum as I am only new here.... but do a search for:
    Henry sue circular tong long
    Southern Kung fu Bibra lake
    Yip Shui
    Sifu Paul Brennan

    only one chow gar school has ever to my knowledge sparred against a karate school and that is "Ging Mo Academy". in their "free form fighting tournament" but the chow gar (ging mo) sifu had heavily watered down the art to become a no head strike martial art. thus making it no longer what it should be. and what every chow gar school considers to be a joke.

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