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Thread: Judo Chop?

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    Discusses this sunject in length. Me and Gumby both provide different sides of the argument, gumby saying it was the carotid artery, myself saying it was the brachial nerve center located on the side of the neck.

    -There is medical evidence that going out from a choke is not just from stopping blood flow. I would imagine its the same physiological thing going on. I don't know enough to say one way or the other.
    We covered that question in the thread.

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    Those are very different cases than being dropped from a hit.

    Anyway, as a rule of thumb, if unconsciousness is

    near instant: neurological.
    3-20 seconds: circulatory.
    1-3 minutes: respiratory.

    Longer than that, the person probably just fell asleep. :smile:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kagan
    DAYoung, Those are very different cases than being dropped from a hit.
    Sure. I was partly responding to the idea that a percussive attack could close the carotid at all, and just partly seeing what I could briefly dig up.
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    I've used the edge of the hand as a kind of rabbit punch. It works pretty well. What that and the ridgehand have in common are:

    1) They're a bit quicker than a closed hand making the same motion.

    2) They require less precision because they set up your forearm to hit.

    3) They come in at odd angles compared to standard P/K techniques.

    4) You can hit hard surfaces without gloves or wraps.

    The whole idea that you get more power across a smaller surface is bollocks, as far as I can tell. Your hand is too soft.

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