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    I've never made it work.
    What do you mean by that? Been repeatedly shot while holding a flashlight at arms length? :Oo

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    I'll tell you what though. If you have a smoke grenade, and hold it in your hand in the hopes of obscuring yourself, it won't work. In fact, it will get you shot center mass by the guerilla hiding in the leaves.
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    I hit even less with the flashlight out there at arms' length, and I can't afford to miss more.
    Seriously, that makes it very difficult to get the light beam and the point of aim to coincide, at least for me.

    As I understand it, the technique was developed before the Harries (where the backs of your hands are pressed together so the light beam stays with the point of aim) or the "Cigar" technique (I'm sure it has a real name--a very small light like a Surefure 3 or 6 is held between the middle and ring finger of the weak hand as the palms are pressed together--again, the light ends up right next to the gun parallel to the barrel--envision holding a stogie this way while cupping a cognac glass in both hands and you'll have the basic pattern.)

    At the time it was developed, it made sense to a lot of people. Back then, all flashlights were pretty large, and momentary on/off switches were mostly in the future. And the standard technique of the few trainers who addressed the issue was to hold the flash up next to your head, with many advocating pressing it to the line of your jaw. This was meant to address the issue I mentioned earlier; getting the beam on target and the sights on target at the same time.

    Harries has been the best for me. The "cigar" technique probably works for many, but I don't think I've tried it with a small enough light. When I work with a light, it's a Streamlight Scorpion. Probably too big for that one.

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    I was taught to move the flash around when facing someone. Its disorientating as hell when you're looking at it. You can't tell how far the person is or really where they are. Give it a try.

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