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After reading all of the posts on guns in this forum, i've really been wanting to shoot. I want to go to a range soon, but I don't think a 17 year old can shoot without a permit so we'll see how that works out. In the meantime, what are some good books/sites to learn about guns? I thought i'd start by learning anatomy of guns, maintenance and all of that stuff before learning how to shoot, but i'm also trying to pick up basic stances and terminology at the moment. I was never very interested in guns until I started trying to draw them because they looked cool and am now really wanting to shoot things. Thus, I am pretty clueless about guns so any pointers are appreciated. Not to hijack the thread...
Actually that's why I started doing all the research on guns as well. I was sick of poorly drawn guns (and cars as well), so I didn't want to contribute to the madness. In fact I think I was about your age when that happened, but the serious research started because of some freelance stuff from a year or so back, as well as all the threads that I've been reading here on Bullshido.

Aren't there already photos posted of your arsenal here somewhere?