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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain
    I think that covers more than my thai shorts do. Fucking extra large is halfway up my ass. Regardless, I must have the ugliest shorts around. Fucking blue, red and neon green. I don't like them much, but I wear them when I do traditional muay thai. If I do MMA or sub grappling, my gi pants will do.

    Oddly enough, we've never had posers come into the gym rocking any MMA/thai gear. In fact, I think we've only had one consistent poser at all.
    I wear running shorts or swimming trunks, a t-shirt instead of a rashguard, and I never have worn those ankle thingies.

    I must look like a total ***** to the new guys.

    By the way: I hate rashguards with a passion. The only use I have found for mine thus far is to wear it under my gi to help me cut weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain
    Rash guards are great. You can get caught on a t shirt and what not. Not so with a rash guard.
    Agreed.. I've had t shirts ripped off my body accidentally before.

    I've also had shorts get ripped for that matter, but that's a risk I'll take- I'm not going to wear spandex pants.

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