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My old TKD mcdojo instructor used to pull stuff like this. I remember paying the fees for the month that I had just trained and after that I took about two months off to wait for my knee to recover from an injury. So, after about two months I went back to my TKD club and the first thing the twatty instructor did was ask for my fees. :angry9:

He also tried to rip my sister off as well (she went to the mcdojo too). She could only make it to half of the lessons in the month as she was working on some of the days that we had class. She asked the instructor if she could pay half of the fees as she would only be able to make it to half of the lessons, but he refused. He did however say that she could pay a couple of ús less than the normal fees for the month. :cussing:
She stopped going to the club shortly after that.
Far be it from me to defend a McDojo, but....
(We all know, or should know The Rhamma HATES McDojos)

This guy has rent to pay and the dojo is there and open whether or not you can attend. Is the owner supposed to keep the doors open at his own expense?
He is trying to run a business. If you are a member of a school you pay to be a member, not a fee for service. Normally you don't pay by the lesson, and if you did the price would be outrageous.

This is why I don't have my own building and not many students. I don't want to go through this **** and have people think I am there just waiting on them to show up and pay when they feel like it. Or that I am just after money.