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    Another problem with that rifle is that it cannot be operated left handed because it will eject the empty shell into the body of the person firing the weapon. I understand the British army then went and trained everyone to fire this weapon right handed.

    However, tactically there are some situations in which a person holding a weapon left handed will have an advantage such as presenting a smaller target when firing around the left side of the corner of a barracade or building. So having a weapon that can be held southpaw is useful.

    On the AR 15 they have a fixture in back of the ejection port that deflects empty brass to the side, rather than straight back into the person firing the weapon. Its a very cheap modification.

    Just another problem with bullpups in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    The word "neocon" refers to liberals who lean towards conservative principles, not "ultra-conservative".
    Most honorable and noble Phrost, while god himself has chosen you to lead us all as our captain through the murky waters of bad martial arts, but I must humbly correct you on this one point. A Neocon is an ex-liberal, socialist, communist, or fellow-traveler who abandoned his or her former beliefs to join the conservative crusade against communism. Like an ex-wing chuner who now studies BJJ, or St. Paul on the road to Damascus, they saw the light and converted to the true and holy path. They do not hold tradition in high regard but they believe in an activist foreign policy and limited government.

    Your inadequate servant


    PS, The Enfield 303 is a sweet rifle, as far as old guns, I own a Mauser 96 dating from 1901, so if trench warfare breaks out I am ready!
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