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The problem with most pure Aikidoka is that Drills are all they know and train for.

You do Aikido and Judo and would have experienced the difference between the two, but that's the exception not the rule.
I agree, most Aikidoka I meet don't crosstrain or have never studied any other martial art with the exception of maybe doing some kind of crappy striking art when they were a kid. They read all of these stories about Ueshiba kicking everyone's ass and being an invincible warrior and think they can be just like him. What they fail to realize is that Ueshiba trained a million times harder than them under way more strenuous conditions and openly accepted challenges. They just hide behind the philosophy of the art to prevent any breaking of sweat or blood.

It's too bad people forget that Aikido is supposed to be a MARTIAL ART AND A WAY OF LIFE. Thank god Judo guys haven't.