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    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON
    The sea-whiz Close In Weapons System? What are you a millionare? Do you have ANY idea how much ONE round for that things costs, and what it's rate of fire is? DU does NOT come cheap - it is a by product of uranium enrichment which typically costs tens if not hundreds of millions to manufacture. While the real prize is the cutesey little ball of U-235, that nasty pile of U-238 has it's own uses. IT would actually be more cost effective and almost as safe to use natural uranium.

    There is a new alloy of tungsten that has simillair properties to DU, it is ultra dense and self-sharpening, though I doubt it will be on the open market either.

    Finally, who are you going t o get to operate it? Sure, you could hire a former sailor, but would you be comfortable with him bringing home "friends" at four in th emorning while high on methamphetamine? I though not.


    Oh, c'mon, I'm sure there's a volume discount.

    ... and I am a multimillionaire ... on paper, anyway. :5sigh:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kagan

    ... and I am a multimillionaire ... on paper, anyway. :5sigh:
    Just can't bring yourself to take a bite of that beautiful cake huh?

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    Looks pretty sweet!

    Here are some more web articles of the rifle.

    However, there are no reviews from people who have actually fired one. You might want to wait until we have some good field results on accuracy, reliability, and power before you plop down thirteen hundred dollars.

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    Sig makes an awesome rifle
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