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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Mantis
    I think you mean "pornography" Not "obscenity"
    Ahhh, but "obscenity", unlike "porn", can be live, happening-right-in-front-of-you. Although, I guess if you were AT the porn shoot... but wouldn't that still be "obscenity" since porn requires a medium by definition?

    Jesus, why am I overthinking this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan McScary

    - An impromtu street fight

    - A planed street fight (challenge match)

    - A sanctioned no rules match (early UFC)

    - A modern MMA match (UFC rules and standards, for the sake of argument)

    - A Muay Thai match (bare-knuckle)

    - A San Shao match (takedowns, but no grappling)

    - An american kick boxing match (gloves and no clinching)

    - A boxing match

    - Full contact karate (no kicks below waist, headgear worn)

    - Free sparing (typical dojo sparing rules, but no breaks between hits)

    - Point sparing
    All those could be "fights", except maybe point sparring. Assumming the others are competition, the only one I can see being an effective training tool is free sparring. You train to fight, you do not fight to train.

    To take the thread another direction, what about grappling only contests? Are those "fights". To me it depends. IMO, if the ruleset allows moves with the primary purpose to cause injury it's a fight. So olympic style amateur wrestling wouldn't qualifiy, but submission wrestling would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canuckyokushin
    No and Yes.The object of a tournament "fight" of any kind is to win.After you can stand over your opponent shouting 'I AM THE GREATEST!!'.
    What about shouting 'WHO'S YOUR DADDY!!!!' ??? :eusa_thin
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