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    Hey everyone I am new to the site I was woundering about training in the Atlant.
    Are there any good gyms in ATLanta?
    Why are some gyms better than others in ATLanta?
    Who trains where?

    Would appreciate greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i think if you use the search function you may find somthing, but go to http://www.fightresource.com/?cid=5&...&go=1&state=GA

    there are anumber of people here that train in Atlanta. Im sure they can help you.

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    I train at Alliance BJJ. We have a BJJ 6th Degree, Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti, teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (assisted by Roberto "Spider" Traven) and a seasoned world Muay Thai Champion, Manu Ntoh, teaching Thai Boxing. We are located in Sandy Springs on Roswell Rd. (just OTP). If you are closer to Downtown, Roberto has his own school located on Krog St.

    We compete regularly (20-25 students are going to the Pan Ams this weekend and a larger number of us will be in NAGA), have an open door policy, and welcome anyone who wants to train with no BS. I believe (admittedly with bias) that we have the best instruction and school in Atlanta.

    Let me know if you are going to come out to the Sandy Springs location and I will try to make sure to be there when you do.
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