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    BS from BS

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post here so since my initials are BS, I'd figure I would say some BS, but I never lie. I've been doing martial arts for app. 35 years. I annually host summer camps at my facility with a whose-who list of martial artists. I took Paris Hilton out to dinner one night, along with a Kuwaiti Prince. I told Robert Dinero ( forgot the spelling ) to " Go F himself ". I had a part in a rock and roll commercial with the band Travis. Conan O'Brien hugged me and then had his band leader hug me ( Bruce Springstiens drummer ). So much more to come. I look forward to hearing/sharing with all.

    Bill Shovan

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    Well it sounds like you are rather well off

    And you know a lot of the right people

    We should be friends.


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